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Romeo and Juliet (Cuba)
Band:Churchills N / Galera:Juliet
Very broad in savoring with tenuous animal notes.

Vegafina (Rep. Dominican)
Band:Pyramid N / Galera:Pyramid
His distinguished form recovers the tradition of old masters.

Punch (Cuba)
Band:Punch Punch N / Galera:Corona Gorda
Cigarette pronounced spicy notes, very nice.

Cohiba (Cuba)
Band:Century II N / Gale:Corona Gorda
Mild cigarette. Strong. The most successful of the century combines tradition and new trends.

Cohiba (Cuba)
Band:Siglo VI N / Gale:Gunshot
Mild cigarette. Strong. Slightly spicy sweet taste.

Hoyo de Monterrey (Cuba)
Band:Epicure No. 2 N / Galera:Robust
Mild cigarette. Spongy texture and perfect finishes, balanced, rich in aroma and flavor.

Hoyo de Monterrey (Cuba)
Band:Petit N / Galera:Robust
Mild cigarette. Soft. To snuff sweet aroma with hints of wood and plant.

Partagás (Cuba)Band: No. 2 N / Galera: Pyramid
Strong strength, woody aroma, spicy.

Partagás (Cuba)
Band:Serie D No. 4 N / Galera:Robust
Half strength, sweet aroma, ron, pepper and honey.

Romeo and Juliet (Cuba)
Band:Romeo N º 3 N / Galera:Coronitas
Half strength, woody aroma, spicy.

Romeo and Juliet (Cuba)
Band:Short N / Galera:Robust
Half strength, spongy texture and sweet flavor.

Fruit size

Cohiba (Cuba)
Band:Century N / Gale: Century
Mild cigar half, Wood notes, honey, Leather.

Partagás (Cuba)
Band:8-9-8N / Galera:Dahlia
Cigarette solemn, aromatic and delicious.

Vegafina (Rep. Dominican)
Band:Corona N / Galera:Corona
Excellent combustion, with gentle strength.

Montecristo (Cuba)
Band:Edmund N / Galera:Edmundo
Medium strength cigar lightly roasted sweet memories, Leather, land.

Montecristo (Cuba)
Band:No. 4 N / Galera:Mareva
Classic format recognized and admired qualities.

Montecristo (Cuba)
Band:No. 5 N / Galera:Pearl
A real appetizer, fine palate, with all the qualities of the brand.

Montecristo (Cuba)
Band:# 1 N / Galera:Cervantes
Cigarette great fortress somewhat brusque, a penetrating aroma and flavor.

Hoyo de Monterrey (Cuba)
Band:Hoyo Coronas N / Gale:Corona
Cigarette fortress media. Sabor y aroma intensos y equilibrado. Something soft in relation to the rest of the brand.

San Cristobal de La Habana (Cuba)
Band:Force N / Gale:Gordito
Half strength, leather notes. Intense aroma.

Trinidad (Cuba)
Band:Colonial N / Gale:Mareva
Intense mild cigarette, snuff and wood aroma, slight sweetness, memory of nuts.

Fine gauge

Cohiba (Cuba)
Band:Lanceros N / Galera:No pond 1
Long time filled with aromatic notes Blogoversary.

Hoyo de Monterrey (Cuba)
Band:The Hoyo's Depute N / Galera:Trabuco
Soft Fortress, toasted notes, leather and dried fruit.

H.Upman (Cuba)
Band:Epicures N / Galera:Epicure
Half strength, intense aroma snuff.

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